As a group, women are not a statistical minority, yet we exist at the margins. From the time we are children, everything we consume reinforces what is expected of us, and what we can expect from the world.

The process of enculturation maintains and perpetuates gender norms. Children spend their early years learning the rules and expectations of the culture they are born into. They learn through observation. They watch the people around them to gain information about their place in the world. Increasingly, they also learn from forms of mass media including television, consumer products and the Internet.

This learning process continues into adulthood. We learn our culture from the things we consume, regardless of whether one is consuming princess toys, violent video games or wedding boards on Pinterest.

I take these materials and repurpose them. I create videos, installations and 2-D works out of mass culture detritus including YouTube videos, children’s stickers, makeup and teen posters. In reconfiguring the structure of these materials, I question their purpose and subvert the intended messaging.